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What is gainer?

What is gainer?

What are mass gainer supplements?

Weight gainers are supplements consisting mainly of whey protein and carbohydrates to support your body with high amounts of calories that help increase performance and energy and aid in weight gain. Also, the presence of high amounts of protein helps to make most of the weight gained in the form of muscle, not fat, giving the body the desired shape.

It also helps athletes looking for additional muscle gains and other performance and ordinary people who want to gain weight to reach their ideal weight.

Why is it important to use weight gain supplements:

During exercise, there will be a process called muscle catabolism so that the amounts of protein in your muscles decrease, and to get more muscle mass, you have to achieve what is called a positive protein balance, where protein synthesis in the body is more than the protein that is broken down, so your body begins to use this protein in the process Build muscle, and if you gain weight, the body gets additional amounts of protein that will help your body overcome protein catabolism and get enough protein to build more muscle while using all the protein that the muscles absorb from the weight gainer supplement.

The difference between protein supplements and weight gain supplements: Weight gainers and protein supplements may share similar ingredients such as protein and some other minerals. Still, the main difference is the amount of protein in each supplement, and protein supplements consist of 22 to 30 grams of protein per dose. In contrast, weight gainers can They get 80g of protein in a single serving along with enough carbohydrates to be converted into energy through their workouts, so they'll give you much higher amounts of protein to power through your exercises and fuel your energy as well. Athletes use protein supplements if they are at a suitable weight and do not need to gain weight, while weight gain supplements are used when they want to add extra muscle weight and get a more oversized body shape.

How do you choose the perfect weight gain supplement?

It is crucial to choose the appropriate and ideal weight gain supplement that helps you gain lean muscle mass and not just gain weight that can consist of fat, so you have to choose an appropriate weight gain supplement. It is also important to know the quality and ingredients of the ingredients, and secondly, it is necessary to know the nutritional facts and the source of the ingredients (e.g., the source of the protein used, is it from whey, casein, beef, brown rice, peas, etc.) also the type of carbohydrate used, and the amount of fat Included in every dose is to ensure that the supplement you get will meet your needs.

How to take weight gain supplements the right way:

The preferred dose for a weight gainer is between 1-2 times per day. However, you can take it during the morning to kick-start your day, between meals as a protein snack, before or after your workout, and preferably spread throughout your day and before and after your activities to keep your body fueled with protein throughout. Today.

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